Platanos Academy Prizegiving July 2018

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Meanwhile, Senior Warden Shravan Joshi was representing our Master at the

Platanos Academy Prize Giving for 12-14 year olds. The event was a celebration of their hard work and achievement while looking to the future and all the possibilities ahead. Shravan delivered a great speech on success, full of fun while acknowledging their hard work and noting the importance of measuring success against hard work, not just results. Before wishing the students every success for the future, Shravan left them with the thought provoking picture of “our extremely complicated and sophisticated industry. from extracting fuels, generating power from multiple sources like nuclear, wind, solar and hydro, converting that raw potential power into something we can use, transporting it to places where it is needed and then making sure it is safe for us to use in our everyday lives.” A little more to think about the next time they turn on a light switch or plug in their phone.