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The history of The Fuellers Company can be traced back to the Livery Company of Woodmongers and Coal Sellers, commonly known as The Fuellers. The earliest known references to that Company appear in 1376 and its Royal Charter was granted by King James 1 in 1605. Responsible for collection of coal dues and taxes, the Company handled the monies used to rebuild much of the City after the Great Fire of 1666, including St. Paul's Cathedral. It surrendered its Charter in 1667, but references to The Fuellers continued until the mid 19th century. Various bodies continued to represent the interests of the coal trade until the combined efforts of The Society of Coal Merchants, The Society of Coal Factors and the Coal Meters re-established a City Company. The Fuellers were granted City Status on 13th October 1981, Livery Status on 15th May 1984 and the Company received its Letters Patent on 17th October 1984.

Since the re-establishment of The Fuellers our membership has steadily grown and diversified across the whole energy industry. Members of The Fuellers now come from coal, oil, nuclear, gas, electricity and the renewable energy industries, as well as specialisations within those industries such as production, supply, distribution, marketing, research, finance, education and major consumers.

To herald the 25th Anniversary of the re-establishment of The Fuellers in 1984, historian and author Roderick Braithwaite was commissioned to research and write a history of The Fuellers. The book, entitled "The History of The Worshipful Company of Fuellers, The Fueller's Tale" (ISBN 978-1-86077-578-9) was published by Phillimore & Co Ltd in 2010 and is a fascinating and worthwhile insight in to the history of the Company.

To become a member of The Fuellers you will normally need to demonstrate an interest in energy, whether that is supply, distribution or even as a consumer, we all have a lesser or greater interest in energy and its impact on business and the economy.

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