Who we are

The Worshipful Company of Fuellers is one of the “Modern” Livery Companies of the City of London, although our origins are ancient and can be traced back to the 14th Century, when we were known as the Woodmongers. Livery Companies have existed in London for over 900 years and have had special status in the City throughout the centuries. Members of the Liveries continue to have a role, for example in electing the Lord Mayor and Sheriffs of London, for example.

There are now 111 Companies, representing a diverse range of industries and commerce, both current and historical, each relevant to the vibrant economic health of the City of London. Most Livery Companies still reflect their early purposes; fostering their trade in a wide context, serving the community and embracing modern skills and professions.

All Livery Companies support education, with many supporting individual schools as well as providing bursaries, scholarships, awards and prizes. The charitable contribution of the combined Livery Companies exceeds £75 million per year.

We are number 95 in the Order of Precedence: our earliest printed record dates from 1605, and we were re-founded in 1983. In 2009 we were granted a Royal Charter and we represent all sectors of the energy industries: strategy, electricity generation, oil and gas, nuclear and coal. Our membership reflects all sectors, including production, supply and distribution, marketing, research, finance, risk management, education and consumers.

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The Master Fueller, Dr James Cripps, flanked by (left) Elena Oderstone, Senior Warden and (right) Ashutosh Shastri, Junior Warden

“The Fuellers’ origins can be traced back to the Woodmongers in the 14th Century”

The Company offers members many opportunities for meeting, both informally, and on more traditional and formal occasions such as Luncheons and Dinners after Court meetings, which offer opportunities to enjoy the traditions of the City of London, and to entertain guests or potential new members.

Informal events include industry visits, Christmas and other social celebrations, a thanksgiving service and inter-Livery activities including golf, rugby, shooting and a pancake race, as well as visits to schools supported by our Charitable Trust. Fuellers can also participate in judging awards supported by other Charities where we have links, with the emphasis on awards for research.