What we do

Our main purpose is to give a voice to the Energy Industry within the City of London and to help represent all aspects of energy. Our current drive is to assist and advise on how best to reduce carbon emissions whilst maintaining the future energy needs required for industrial and domestic use going forward. The Company is a great platform for entertaining and socialising with other likeminded people in our field and gives excellent networking opportunities.

The Fuellers value its links with Industry, and hold lectures and organise site visits to further the interests of Members. It purports to be one of the important voices in energy throughout the City of London, and encourages inter-Livery and engagement with the City of London.The Ezra Memorial lecture, now in its 18th year, is given annual by a prominent energy leader, including Lord Ezra himself at the first occasion. In 2024 the Lord Mayor, spoke on hydrogen and attract over 400 registrants. A key biannual event is the Duke of Edinburgh Future Energy Conference, last held in 2023 featuring key industry speakers, and four technical panels. Other events include the Fuelers Advantage meetings, and some interesting visits to City and Regional centres, like waste energy plants, an energy control hub and power generators. All industrial sector are covered, including Nuclear, renewals and conventional fuels. The Ezra lecture series can be found on the Industry page of this website https://www.fuellers.co.uk/future-energy-conference-2023/

All Livery Companies have military affiliates, a tradition dating back to King John and the original formation of the livery. In this tradition The Fuellers has a number of affiliations with military units in the Royal Navy, Army, Royal Air Force and the Royal Fleet Auxiliary. Men and women serving in these units compete for Fuellers prizes each year and attend Fuellers functions, all of which are funded through the Fuellers Charitable Trust Fund, see below. In return members of The Fuellers are regularly invited to attend training and open days with our military affiliates. This gives both members and our military affiliates time together to understand each other’s requirements in energy supply and logistics. This is another social and networking opportunity for all involved.

The work of the Fuellers Charitable Trust Fund includes support for education, schools and other activities aimed at encouraging individuals into the energy sector. It is growing in size and helps many disadvantaged people. The Trust has been very active in introducing pupils and students of all ages to the energy industry. Our help ranges from providing equipment for schools affiliated with the Company to providing  an annual A level Scholarship for studying engineering.

Members of the Company are also often invited to be judges, mentors or speakers at a number of schools and charities with the aim of promoting the energy industry and encouraging students to look further at it for their future careers.

We do all this whilst enjoying the wonderful old traditions of the City of London, meeting in some of the most wonderful surroundings and having close contact with many high profile people.

Our Military Affiliations

Ministry of Defence

Since 2005, the Defence Strategic Fuels Authority

(formerly the Defence Fuels Group and Defence Food and Fuel Services)

Royal Navy & Royal Fleet Auxiliary

Since 1987, HMS Sultan (formerly HMS Daedalus).

Since 2001, the Royal Fleet Auxiliary.


Since 2015, 152 (North Irish) Regiment, Royal Logistic Corps.

Royal Air Force

Since 2001, Royal Air Force air-to-air refuelling first under the auspices of 216 Squadron, and now 10 Squadron.

Since 2016, Tactical Supply Wing.

Objectives & Vision


The Objectives of the Company are set out in the Royal Charter:
• To foster the business of persons involved in the production and distribution providing energy for the home, industry, commerce and export
• To facilitate social intercourse and the mutual exchange of information between members
• To create and accumulate funds for the benefit of the Company and the application of the same for the purposes of advancing the interests of the Company
• To relieve hardship suffered by existing members and retired members and their dependents
• In the matter of education, to grant scholarships, bursaries, prizes and sponsor research.
• To support and encourage honourable practice in the business of the membership


• To be an influential City of London Livery Company, supporting the Lord Mayor and the traditions of the Corporation of London and the City and contributing to the wellbeing of the Livery and the City
• To promote fellowship amongst our members and within the Livery and encourage engagement, both formal and social
• To be an influential and relevant participant in the Energy Industry and an energy forum for the City taking advantage of the knowledge and expertise of our members
• To be an active supporter of the Fuellers Charitable Trust with our members providing collaboration and donations
• To lead by example, as a founder member of the Livery Climate Action Group City, by implementing a Climate Action Plan to reduce the Company's carbon footprint and progress to a Net Zero position
• To leverage our convening powers to bring together sectors of the Energy Industry, fostering debate and facilitating the discovery of innovative solutions towards a sustainable future
• To support education for and recruitment into the Energy Industry

The Fuellers are a founder member of the Livery Climate Action Group (LCAG), which assists City of London Livery Companies and Guilds to manage their impact on climate change and the environment by reducing carbon emissions and making responsible use of resources. The formation of the Group by Fuellers' Honorary Liveryman Alderman Alison Gowman was inspired by the City of London’s Climate Action Strategy which set goals for the City to have net zero emissions by 2040. You can read more about LCAG and The Fuellers involvement on their website. You can also view the Fuellers' Climate Action Plan by clicking here.