What we do

Our main purpose is to give a voice to the Energy Industry within the City of London and to help represent all aspects of energy. Our current drive is to assist and advise on how best to reduce carbon emissions whilst maintaining the future energy needs required for industrial and domestic use going forward. The Company is a great platform for entertaining and socialising with other likeminded people in our field and gives excellent networking opportunities.

All Livery Companies have military affiliates, a tradition dating back to King John and the original formation of the livery. In this tradition The Fuellers has a number of affiliations with military units in the Royal Navy, Army, Royal Air Force and the Royal Fleet Auxiliary. Men and women serving in these units compete for Fuellers prizes each year and attend Fuellers functions, all of which are funded through the Fuellers Charitable Trust Fund. In return members of The Fuellers are regularly invited to attend training and open days with our military affiliates. This gives both members and our military affiliates time together to understand each other’s requirements in energy supply and logistics. This is another social and networking opportunity for all involved.

The work of the Fuellers Charitable Trust Fund also includes support for education, schools and other activities aimed at encouraging individuals into the energy sector.

Our Military Affiliations

Ministry of Defence

Since 2005, the Defence Strategic Fuels Authority

(formerly the Defence Fuels Group and Defence Food and Fuel Services)

Royal Navy & Royal Fleet Auxiliary

Since 1987, HMS Sultan (formerly HMS Daedalus).

Since 2001, the Royal Fleet Auxiliary.


Since 2015, 152 (North Irish) Regiment, Royal Logistic Corps.

Royal Air Force

Since 2001, Royal Air Force air-to-air refuelling first under the auspices of 216 Squadron, and now 10 Squadron.

Since 2016, Tactical Supply Wing.

The Company, funded by grants from the Charitable Trust, awards annual prizes for excellence to members of each affiliate unit, and the respective commanding officers are all Honorary Freeman whilst in post.

Read the citations for our 2023 Military Affiliate Prizewinners here.

The Fuellers Charitable Trust Fund is growing in size and helps many disadvantaged people. The Trust has been very active in education and introducing pupils and students of all ages to the energy industry.

Our help ranges from providing equipment for schools affiliated with the Company to providing  an annual A level Scholarship for studying engineering. The Fuellers' Charles Stephenson Clarke Award is awarded to students at City University, who take part in an annual energy project which is judged by members of the Company.

Members of the Company are also often invited to be judges, mentors or speakers at a number of schools and charities with the aim of promoting the energy industry and encouraging students to look further at it for their future careers.

We do all this whilst enjoying the wonderful old traditions of the City of London, meeting in some of the most wonderful surroundings and having close contact with many high profile people.

The Fuellers are a founder member of the Livery Climate Action Group (LCAG), which assists City of London Livery Companies and Guilds to manage their impact on climate change and the environment by reducing carbon emissions and making responsible use of resources. The formation of the Group by Fuellers' Honorary Liveryman Alderman Alison Gowman was inspired by the City of London’s Climate Action Strategy which set goals for the City to have net zero emissions by 2040. You can read more about LCAG and the Fuelle

rs involvement on their website. You can also view the Fuellers' Climate Action Plan by clicking here.


Current Lecture


The 18th Ezra Memorial Lecture was presented by the Lord Mayor of London, Professor Michael Mainelli.

Imperial College London

The Worshipful Company of Fuellers, a City of London Livery Company Company for the Energy Industry and Sustainability sector, in partnership with The Energy Futures Lab at Imperial College London hosted the Fuellers’ Annual Energy Lecture at Imperial’s prestigious City and Guilds Hall in S Kensington, London. The lecture was presented by the Lord Mayor of London, Prof. Michael Mainelli, who addressed the Future of Hydrogen – The Ends Of The Rainbow?

The annual lecture was established in 2005 by Lord Ezra, and has had a lineup of esteemed speakers, including Lord Ezra himself. In this talk, Professor Michael Mainelli takes as his basic theme that the profusion of hydrogen colours (blue, green, etc) is due more to the optics of economics than science and engineering. Increasingly these economic sub-systems lead the hydrogen markets to interact with the carbon markets.

The lecture concluded with some observations on how hydrogen economics is analysed, in particular using option theory and learning curves.

The presentation was followed by a panel discussion, chaired by Dr Carole Nakhle, CEO of Crystol Energy and the evening was wound up by Master Fueller Dr. James Cripps and Professor Peter Child of the Imperial Energy Futures Club.

The 18th Ezra Lecture, by the Lord Mayor, with illustrations, amusing anecdotes and serious messages about the hydrogen economy, is available to download. Please click below"

Download the Current Lecture

Past Lectures

The Fuellers 14th Ezra Memorial Lecture Presented by Alderman Alison Gowan of the City of London

Download Lecture PDF

The Fuellers 14th Ezra Memorial Lecture Presented by Mr. Chris Hayward CC, Chairman of Planning & Transport, City of London Corporation

Download Lecture PDF

The Fuellers' 12th Energy Lecture (Inaugurated by Lord Ezra MBE 1919-2015) Presented by Mr Steve Holliday

Download Lecture PDF

The Fuellers' 11th Energy Lecture (Inaugurated by Lord Ezra MBE (1919-2015)). Presented by - Minister Counsellor Mr Jin Xu Commercial Section, Embassy of the People’s Republic of China, London - 2015

Download Lecture PDF

The Fuellers' 10th Energy Lecture (Inaugurated by Lord Ezra MBE (1919-2015)). Presented by - David Gray of Ofgem - 2014

Download Lecture PDF

The Fuellers' 9th Energy Lecture (Inaugurated by Lord Ezra MBE (1919-2015)). Presented by - Bob Dudley from BP Plc - 2013

Download Lecture PDF

The Fuellers' 7th Energy Lecture (Inaugurated by Lord Ezra MBE (1919-2015)). Presented by - John Cridland - 2011

Download Lecture PDF

The Fuellers' 6th Energy Lecture (Inaugurated by Lord Ezra MBE (1919-2015)). Presented by - Charles Hendry MP - 2010

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The Fuellers' 4th Energy Lecture (Inaugurated by Lord Ezra MBE (1919-2015)). Presented by - Lord Browne of Madingley - 2008

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The Fuellers' 3rd Energy Lecture (Inaugurated by Lord Ezra MBE (1919-2015)). Presented by - Sir Bernard Ingham - 2007

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The Fuellers' 2nd Energy Lecture (Inaugurated by Lord Ezra MBE (1919-2015)). Presented by - J C Harris Esq - 2006

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The Fuellers' 1st Energy Lecture (Inaugurated by Lord Ezra MBE (1919-2015)). Presented by - Lord Ezra MBE (1919-2015) - 2005

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DTI our Energy Challenge - Fuellers submission. Presented by - The Fuellers response to the DTI Energy Challenge

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