Where we come from

The history of The Fuellers Company can be traced back to the Livery Company of Woodmongers and Coal Sellers, commonly known as The Fuellers. The earliest known references to that Company appear in 1376 and its Royal Charter was granted by King James 1 in 1605. Responsible for collection of coal dues and taxes, the Company handled the monies and it was used to rebuild much of the City after the Great Fire of 1666, including St. Paul's Cathedral. It surrendered its Charter in 1667, but references to The Fuellers continued until the mid 19th century. Various bodies continued to represent the interests of the coal trade until the combined efforts of The Society of Coal Merchants, The Society of Coal Factors and the Coal Meters re-established a City Company. The Fuellers were granted City Status on 13th October 1981, Livery Status on 15th May 1984, received its Letters Patent on 17th October 1984 and in October 2014, the Fuellers received confirmation of the Grant of Royal Charter from the Privy Council.

Since the re-establishment of The Fuellers in the 1980's, our membership has steadily grown and diversified across the whole energy industry.  Today's members represent the coal, oil, nuclear, gas, electricity and the renewable energy industries, as well as specialisations within those industries such as production, supply, distribution, marketing, finance, education and research.



Carbon, or more correctly Hydrocarbon, is the molecular building block of all fossil fuel, whether Coal, Oil or Gas. The hydrocarbon molecule is also the basic building block of green fuels such as bio diesel. The diversification of energy sources, in to Nuclear and Renewables, such as wind and solar, whilst not strictly incorporated in the motto are nevertheless encompassed in the Armorial Bearing by the strong graphical references to energy, heat and light.

THE SHIELD of arms within our armorial bearings has been derived from the Panther on the shield of The Coal Merchants' Society with the addition of sable lozenges, or black diamonds, which are a feature of the armorial bearings of The Society of Coal Factor

THE CREST creature is a Dragon (also from the arms of The Society of Coal Merchants) holding up a collier brig derived from the armorial bearings of The Society of Coal Factors. The Dragon emerges from a 'Crown Rayonne', a crown or coronet the finials of which are in the form of rays thereby suggesting heat and energy. The crown is tinctured gules, red, from the Arms of The Society of Coal Merchants and standing for The Coal Meters Committee, which joined with the two other Societies in the founding of The Fuellers and which, not having any arms of its own, would not otherwise be represented heraldically.

THE SUPPORTERS are heraldic Monsters and have a carboniferous quality in that they are depicted sable, black, the colour of coal and crude oil and are in other respects heraldically appropriate to represent The Fuellers. The Dexter Supporter is a 'Caretyne' the name of which 'Care Tyne', suggests that the Tyne, or the area of the Tyne, where coal was produced should be safeguarded. The Caretyne and the Panther, on our shield are always, in heraldry, depicted with flames coming from their ears and jaws thus reflecting the interest that The Fuellers have in the production of heat, energy and light. The Sinister Supporter, a 'Cockatrice', has the wings of a Dragon and a Dragons head at its tail end. Its name 'Cockatrice' by its first syllable provides a play upon another kind of fuel, Coke. Both supporters are shown with their heads 'reguardant', looking watchfully over their shoulders thus symbolising the care, which is a purpose of the Company of Fuellers, of necessitous persons engaged in the Energy industry. Each supporter is shown collared and pendant from each collar there is a chain of three links. These three links symbolise the union of the three groups who came together to re-establish the Company of Fuellers namely The Society of Coal Merchants, The Society of Coal Factors and The Coal Meters Committee.

To herald the 25th Anniversary of the re-establishment of The Fuellers, historian and author Roderick Braithwaite was commissioned to research and write a history of The Fuellers.  The book, entitled "The History of the Worshipful Company of Fuellers, The Fueller's Tale" (ISBN 978-1-86077-578-9) was published by Phillimore & Co in 2010 and is a fascinating and worthwhile insight into the history of the Company.

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