Aims And Objectives

The aims of The Fuellers are: –

  • To foster the business of persons involved in providing energy for the home, industry, commerce and export.
  • To provide social intercourse and mutual information between members.
  • To create and accumulate funds for the benefit of the Company and the application of the same for the purpose of advancing the interests of the Company.
  • To relieve hardship suffered by existing members, retired members, their widows, children, orphans and any others depending on them.
  • In the matter of education to grant scholarships, prizes and sponsor research – to support and encourage honourable practice in the business of the membership.

Members support the Company by attending the frequent gatherings such as the Election Luncheon and the Installation Dinner. These and others regular events offer unique entertainment opportunities for members to introduce guests or colleagues to the fascinating traditions of the City of London. Members are also encouraged to participate in many of the inter-Livery events such as skiing, clay pigeon shooting, golf, bridge and even a pancake race. Participation in these gatherings and events achieves the first two objectives of the Company and the workings of the Company achieve the third.

The Fuellers Charitable Trust Fund is responsible for the relief of hardship both within and outside the Company. By the granting of awards and prizes to worthy causes and individuals, including our military affiliations, schools and colleges, we achieve the fourth and fifth objectives of the Company.

Members of The Fuellers also have the opportunity to visit many significant industrial installations such as the huge Rance Tidal Power Station and Gravelines Nuclear power plant, both in France, refineries, gas installations, coal mines and many more around the UK. Opportunities many would otherwise never have. Members also see and experience spectacular events in many of the beautiful and unique Livery Halls in the City of London.

To become a Fueller you will normally need to demonstrate an interest in the energy industry through whichever facet including fuel extraction, upstream exploration and production, generation, distribution, supply, trading and marketing plus all of the related support services or more simply as a consumer or citizen with an interest in how energy fuels our lives, businesses and communities.