Become A Fueller

The Fuellers

The Worshipful Company of Fuellers is a growing Livery Company and we welcome applications for membership from everyone with an interest in energy, although the membership is predominantly people employed in the Energy Industry.

With a varied social programme ranging from formal dinners in some of the finest locations to simple networking opportunities, industrial & military visits to energy lectures, there is something for everyone to enjoy and derive benefit from. Fuellers are also encouraged to contribute to the Company Charitable Trust Fund and donate time to share their experience with students as mentors or advisors.

The Fuellers hold a  number of Energy Events at which we explore areas of the industry with acknowledged specialists. These include the Fuellers Conversations in partnership with EY, Fuellers Advantage in partnership with Imperial College, the Annual Ezra Lecture, and the bi- annual Worshipful Company of Fuellers Earl of Wessex Conference on Future Energy.

In addition to the educational and networking opportunities that are available, the enjoyment of participating in events & visits to extraordinary venues, plus the satisfaction from supporting worthy causes there are other aspects of belonging to the Company that are key to our membership.

From a broader perspective membership of a London Livery Company offers a special insight into the history and traditions of this great City. It provides a chance to be part of London’s story of trade and social contribution that spans over 900 years.

Did you know that collectively, London’s Livery Companies give in excess of £40m a year to charities.

A review of our “History” and “About” pages will give you an overview of the history of the Livery movement generally and The Worshipful Company of Fuellers specifically, so we will avoid repeating ourselves here.

To conclude, it is rare in modern life to find such a diverse selection of qualified people connected by a common theme in such a positive social and professional organisation. Beneath the energy umbrella in an impartial environment, our members can explore common interests in an ambience of fellowship and trust.

The camaraderie and friendship engendered amongst like-minded professionals is of high value to our membership and we look forward to welcoming you to our ranks.


How to become a Fueller

To become a member of The Worshipful Company of Fuellers ( a Fueller ) you will normally need to demonstrate an interest in the energy sector generally or in one of its many and varied sub-sectors.

Our Company membership covers all aspects of the energy sector – from upstream exploration & fuel extraction, fuel production and energy generation, trading, distribution, supply & marketing, plus all the related support services ranging through law, logistics, finance etc. We have members from within the established energy industries, the emerging and renewable technology sectors as well as academics, those in the public sector, or simply citizens with an interest in how energy fuels our lives, businesses and communities.

Our membership is open to anyone meeting the qualifying criteria and we welcome people – irrespective of age, ethnicity, gender, or religious background – operating at all levels of responsibility or experience in the diverse world of energy.

Everyone joining The Company follows the same path;

First you should request an Application Pack from our Clerk whose contact details are

Alex Maclean Bather – Clerk to The Worshipful Company of Fuellers

This will provide further information about the Company, its aims & activities as well as the all-important Application Form.

Following submission of your application it is then reviewed and you may be invited to a short and informal interview with two of the Officers of the Company.

All being well you are then invited to join the Company as a Freeman in a formal ceremony where you are welcomed by the Master Fueller and introduced to the a selection of your fellow members. This is usually followed by a formal lunch or dinner at a City livery hall – you are encouraged to invite friends and family to enjoy the occasion with you.

At this point you are eligible to apply for the Freedom of the City of London – being granted Freedom of the City is an especially unique and interesting ceremony, conducted just for you in the historic surroundings of the Guildhall. Once again, your friends and family can come and share the experience with you.

From here you can choose to become a Liveryman of the Company and then in time, if you wish it, you may be invited to become a member of the governing committee – the Court of Assistants.  Beyond this are opportunities to progress further and ultimately become Master of the Company.


Membership Values

The Fuellers are committed to developing their diverse membership and to attracting energy professionals from across the population. We uphold these values :

The Fuellers values reflect their commitment to diversity and inclusion recognising it is essential to reflect the society we serve. They help us attract the best talent in the Energy Industry, which enables us to offer our members opportunities to meet their peers socially while contributing to the Fuellers professional and charitable objectives. It will help the Fuellers grow in membership and influence. 

Accordingly, we have and always will:

  • Present the Company as diverse, inclusive, and welcoming when we actively recruit new members. Potential members are considered irrespective of their age, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability, or ethnicity. The criteria for membership will include their interest in the Energy Industry, The City of London, charitable activities, and alignment with our values.  
  • Reflect these values in our programme of social and professional events.
  • Ensure our communications internally and externally illustrate our commitment to these values. 
  • Support the development of good diversity practices to recruit and retain new members though liaison with other livery companies and our industrial and Defence affiliations.
  • Ensure movement through the Company reflects these values and enables anyone with suitable qualities to be considered to progress to Master.
  • Consider how we can develop practices to support our values.
  • Publish annually a diversity profile of the Fuellers.

For more information please contact:

Alex Maclean Bather – Clerk to The Worshipful Company of Fuellers