Fuellers Charitable Trust Fund Safeguarding Policy

WCOF Charitable Trust Fund (the ‘Charity’) has no direct contact with children or vulnerable adults as the Charity operates by making grants to third party organisations to assist its charitable objectives and does not organise events itself.

Trustees, Advisers and invited individuals may participate in events, for example by judging competitions or attending related events, including prize giving ceremonies, where the participants may include vulnerable adults and children. In such cases the individual concerned will be acting in a personal capacity, albeit potentially as the Charity’s representative, to assist the organisers of the event but any contact with competitors or attendees at related functions will take place under the auspices of the organising entity, for example the WCOF, another charity, a school or another similar organisation.

The individuals will accordingly be governed by - and must comply with - any safeguarding policies of the organising entity that apply to guests involved in that entity’s activities.