Election Luncheon


19 April 2023




Vintners Hall

The Election Luncheon will be held on Wednesday 19 April 2023 at Vintners' Hall.  This immediately follows Election Court where the future Junior Warden and new Court Assistants are formally elected with the results being announced by the Master during the luncheon.

Our Prinicpal Guest is Sheriff Andrew Marsden who is the current non-Aldermanic Sheriff.  The office of Sheriff is the oldest in the City of London, and his modern-day duties include supporting the Lord Mayor and serving as an ambassador for the UK-based financial and professional services industry.  He also supports His Majesty’s Judges at the Central Criminal Court (the Old Bailey), which is where he is currently living during his time as Sheriff.   A professional marketer, Andrew began life in Unilever and has spent his career building global brands.  Following the successful float of Britvic, he is now an international strategy consultant, serial non-executive director, and a consultant in the corporate finance sector.  A liveryman for over twenty five years, he is a Past Master of the Worshipful Company of Marketors, a Court Assistant of both the World Traders and the Glaziers & Painters of Glass and a Liveryman of the Stationers & Newspaper Makers. He holds and has held many other positions within the City of London.

Vintners' Hall is known as the spiritual home of the International wine trade with the Vintners Company continuing to play an important role in their trade. The site has been occupied by the Vintners since it was bequeathed to them in 1446, with their original hall burning down in the Great Fire of London.  The current hall has been in use since 1671 with significant additions over the years.  The Vintners are also known for their joint ownership of swans on the River Thames, along with HM The King and the Dyers Company, and the annual ceremony of swan-upping.

1215        Reception
1245        Election Luncheon
1445        Carriages

Tickets cost £128 and you can now book places for yourself and your guests.
Pour Memoire invitations will be sent out at the start of April.

Lounge suits, Livery Badges.

Please book your places by Friday 7 April.

Vintners' Hall, 68 Upper Thames Street, London  EC4V 3BG
Directions are available here

Common Hall - the Company's AGM - will be held immediately after Election Court. All members of the Company are entitled to attend and you are encouraged to do so. The Agenda and Papers will be circulated shortly.

There will be a Ceremonial Court immediately before the Reception to formally admit new Freemen and robe new Liverymen.  This will follow Election Court and Common Hall and start promptly at 1145.  All members and their guests wishing to support our new Freemen and Liverymen are welcome to attend.
If you are expecting to be admited as a Freeman or enrobed as a Liveryman please contact the Honorary Membership Secretary to ensure that you are included.

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Capacity: 120
  • Vintners Hall
  • 68 Upper Thames Street
  • London
  • UK

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  • 19 April 2023 12:15
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