1 July 2024




The Ridgeway Ivanhoe to. Avebury 85 miles

Some of you will remember my announcement, at the Installation dinner last October, that, as my main activity to raise funds for the Fuellers Charitable Trust Fund (the ‘FCTF’) while your Master, Margaret, my wife, and I proposed walking Hadrian’s Wall accompanied by Maia and Theia, our two black Labradors. Indeed, we have been delighted to receive so many offers of support and requests to join us for some, if not all, of the route.

To cut a long story short, we now no longer have a period when the four of us could be hiking together from one end of Hadrian’s Wall to the other without cancelling Company, family or other commitments. Furthermore, logistics and distances make joining us for only a day or two on Hadrian’s Wall a seriously difficult endeavour.

The hike for charity will nevertheless take place, but now along the Ridgeway. This path started life around 5,000 years ago as a throughfare for prehistoric people to make their way cross-country using higher (and therefore drier) ground. It is, as a result, often described as ‘the oldest road in Britain’. The route meanders through what is now five counties – Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire- and stretches for 87 miles through the heart of England. Our walk will be arranged over ten days in such a manner that you can join us for anything from half of a day upwards.

The plan is for approximately ten days of walking, with most days involving two dog friendly walks, one before and one after lunch. The days are intended to be between early July and the end of September and should include either one or two consecutive days with a (potentially - weather forecast dependent) one and one half day finish, to be followed by a celebratory lunch at Elmbrook, our home in Marsh, Buckinghamshire HP17 8SP.

The funds raised by the walk will be split between the Fuellers Charitable Trust Fund and JDRF(UK), the charity that seeks a cure for Type 1 diabetes and improved treatment for those with the condition in the interim. I helped to establish the charity, which is a member of an international alliance of Type 1 charities. in the UK in 1986, only to be diagnosed with the condition three years later. I subsequently became a director for 19 years, the last three as the Chair. Margaret and I remain Patrons.

Our plan is to give at least a month’s notice of each walk. An advantage of the new plan is that we can take short term weather forecasts into account and contact those who we know are planning to join the walk if any postponement seems sensible, despite the English summer.

There is no requirement for any of you who decide to join us to give a donation to the FCTF and JDRF (UK) but as this is the reason for the walk it would be appreciated, as would any and all donations from those who do not join us.

Details of how to donate will be included in the notices of Walk dates.

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  • The Ridgeway Ivanhoe to. Avebury 85 miles

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