Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is for members and visitors to the Company’s website. It sets out how we use personal data that is held on the website about you.

The Company collects data about its web site visitors using technology such as Cookies,   Device ID’s and IP address location data. This information is only used for the Company’s own statistical purposes and is not made available to any other 3rd party Commercial Organisation.

The Members area of the Web site contains contact information about its members and is password protected. Other members of the Worshipful Company of Fuellers will have access to this area of the Web-site, however Individual members have the right to limit the amount of information displayed. The Company may use this information in order to ensure regular and necessary communication about Company and City activities.

Any financial data that is input when purchasing tickets to functions or items from the Company shop is processed via Lloyds bank Cardnet or PayPal. No Financial/credit card data is retained or is capable of being accessed by the Company

Any queries about this policy please contact the Clerk.