Where we came from

The history of The Fuellers can be traced back to The Worshipful Company of Woodmongers and Coal Sellers in the Middle Ages, who were commonly known as The Fuellers.

Since the re-establishment of The Fuellers in 1981 by members of the coal industry, our membership has steadily grown and diversified, encompassing the whole energy industry.  Today's members come all sectors of the energy industry from electricity generation, renewables, nuclear, oil, coal and gas, as well as specialisations within those industries such as production, supply, distribution, marketing, finance, education and research, and all of the related support industries.

To become a Fueller you would normally need to demonstrate an interest in one or more facets of the energy industry or more simply have an interest in how energy fuels our lives, businesses and communities.

Membership of The Fuellers is open to all and inclusive of  all nine diversity dimensions.