Fuellers Charitable Trust awards Charles Stephenson Clarke Prizes for 2020-2021

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Fuellers Charitable Trust awards Charles Stephenson Clarke Prizes for 2020-2021

Recognising the high quality of City University’s programme and the role it plays in preparing professionals for the energy industry, the Trust gives two prizes for the best dissertation projects in the MSc in Energy and Environmental Technology and Economics.  The projects are nominated by the university’s Programme Director and the prizes named after the Company’s Founder Master Charles Stephenson Clarke.

The project topics are usually proposed by the students and refined through discussion with supervisors in the proposed areas. Qualifying projects address aspects of energy in the UK at micro or macro scale and are typically concerned with one or more key aspects of technology, environment, economics, policy and regulatory framework or societal impact.

On 26th January 2022, four City University MSc students, introduced their dissertations to a judging panel from the Trust and the Company, over Zoom.  The panel comprised:

The four dissertation subjects (in presentation order):

  • Maria Fernanda Ardila Barbosa: An analysis of sustainable banking transition at retail level in the UK and Western Europe: people, planet and profit.
  • Chiara Koelbl: Prospects for Production and Use of Zero-Carbon and Carbon-Neutral Fuels for Decarbonising the Marine Industry.
  • Kevin McCann: The barriers to uptake and market development prospects for electric vehicles-consumer perceptions, policy options and techno-economic considerations.
  • Niko Von Horsten: A technoeconomic analyses of low-grade heat energy recovery technologies for industrial processes including assessment of a novel low grade heat engine. 

The students gave an 8-minute presentation before participating in a Q&A session with us.  We were not judging the absolute merit or workableness of their proposals, but more the way the idea had been researched and presented.  The judges had a brief interval between the presentations to share initial thoughts on the candidates and their topics. 

After the final presentation and further discussion, we reached a unanimous decision:

  • 1st Prize       Niko Von Horsten
  • 2nd Prize      Kevin McCann

In due course, I wrote to all the candidates providing feedback on their presentations and projects (each of us wrote the feedback for one of the projects).  My email also  encouraged the students to consider membership of the Company and I subsequently provided details of the forthcoming Conversation and Fuellers’ Advantage should these be of interest.  Our two Prize-winners hope to attend the Affiliates Lunch on 4th July 2022. 

A summary of the projects is attached. Please let me know if you are interested in any of the projects as we should be able to put you in contact with the students.

Before I close, I’d like to thank my fellow judges for their contributions:

  • IPM Averil MacDonald OBE
  • Court Assistant Iain Poole
  • Trustee Bill Walworth CBE

Chloë Andrews-Jones


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