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1.    Grants

The most important item on the Trust’s Agenda, our March meeting saw the Trustees agree grants as follows:

a.    Our partner charity The Smallpeice Trust requested funds for their Human Habitat on Mars course.  A virtual course run in conjunction with City University, the Trustees agreed to award a grant of £1,890 to support 10 students to attend the course.  Subject matter includes space technology, understanding and learning about powered space flight and the difference between modern and future powered rocket technology.  We have asked that the funds go towards state pupils based in and around the London area.  We look forward to their feedback.Criteria: Advancement of Education

b.    Military Affiliate HMS Sultan is another organisation running a course for a second year.  The Trustees agreed a grant of £250 for their SULSTEMIC STEM event for local schools to be held in June.  240 students attended last year, being informed on opportunities for study and careers in areas such as automation, battery technology, synthetic fuels and sustainable solutions.  This year’s iteration, again involving all three services, will extend the catchment area and include Y7 students as well as Y8-10. It will be good to hear how they get on.  Criteria: Advancement of EducationThe Trustees’ activities are not restricted to grant-making, other things have been keeping us busy.  

2.    Community Energy London

We have had some lovely feedback from CEL regarding our grant that enabled the distribution of Winter Warmer Boxes in the Middlesex Estates in January.  We’re told our support directly benefited the community by providing essential items (including energy-efficient lightbulbs, helpful information and the means to start a dialogue) to help residents cope with the cold weather and the energy crisis; addressing immediate needs of diverse residents facing economic challenges, it also fostered a sense of community support.  Look out for a report on this activity coming to the Website soon.

3.    City University

Named for the Company’s Founder Master, the Fuellers Charles Stephenson Clarke Prizes are awarded for the best dissertation projects in City University’s MSc Course in Energy & Environmental Technology & Economics. 6 candidates, nominated by City, gave a short presentation to a panel of four Fuellers (including 2 Trustees).  We asked that their presentation focus on the importance of findings and the relevance to the UK energy system and/or environment.  Read more about the winners & dissertation subjects here. All three winners are working in or around the energy business post-graduation, and have been invited to attend the Thanksgiving & Affiliates Lunch and we will share details of future industry events with them in the hope they might go on to join the Company. In a separate development, we aim to engage with more students at City University and are finalising a proposal that aims to raise the profile of the energy industry and the opportunities it offers for careers to students from all engineering and science backgrounds.

4.    Arkwright Scholars

Our scholars have been busy.  In February, Emma (Y13) was invited to the Powering the Green Economy Reception at the Institute of Physics, attended by both Past Master HRH The Duke of Edinburgh and his Deputy PM Averil Macdonald OBE.  Emma wrote:“It was so interesting to see how all of the exhibiting companies and organisations were using physics in the industry to help combat climate change and how this links in with the economy….. It gave me the opportunity to meet people working in the industry and hear about studying physics at university and beyond …  and has left me more excited than ever to start my physics degree."In March, Emma and Charlotte (Y12) attended the Ezra Memorial Lecture.  Both girls (who attend state schools) wrote to say thank you adding:“The hydrogen lecture expanded my knowledge beyond what I have learnt in school, regarding the various uses and sourcing methods of hydrogen and it's potential as one of many solutions to providing green energy. The panel discussion gave me the opportunity to hear scientists and business professionals debate issues surrounding hydrogen … I enjoyed the reception afterwards as it allowed me to meet with some professionals from within industries that interest me, offering insightful advice and inspiration, as well as hearing about their work and realistic and practicalviews on clean energy.”“It was a great opportunity where I met many fascinating and educational people. The experience was very valuable. I learnt a lot pertaining both to my industry of interest and others.”                                

5.    Generating Genius & TeenTech

We continue to work with both charities, looking to explore opportunities for Fuellers in their programmes.  Once again, Fuellers will help judge TeenTech prizes in 2024.  Look out for further opportunities for your involvement with these organisations doing great things for young people in education.  Through our engagement we hope to influence them into the energy business in future!

6.     Master’s Charity Volunteer Event

After the Trust meeting, Trustees joined members of the Company involved in the Holy Sepulchre Church event, supporting the Square Mile Hygiene Bank to which the Trust made a grant in the past. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments, and/or would like to support or be involved in the Trust’s activities.  •    Would you like to contribute to the Trust’s activities by becoming an Advisor? •    Would you like to make a regular donation to the Trust?  There are several ways you can donate, have a look at the Trust's page on the Fuellers Website.  I also take the opportunity to remind you that if you’re actively involved in a charity that might benefit from a grant, drop a note to the Honorary Secretary who will prepare a grant assessment for the Trustees’ review. Don’t hesitate to contact me for a chat about donations, grants, or your involvement!

Chloë Andrews-Jones

Chair, Fuellers’ Charitable Trust Fund

PS: Did you see the Charitable Trust's new banner at the Lord Ezra Memorial Lecture? We are planning to display it at future Fuellers' events to raise the Trust's profile further.