Fuellers CTF supports 800 students to understand Green Energy

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Thursday 24th Nov was the Fuellers Arkwright Future Energy Conference organised by Simon Wilson of the Smallpeice Trust, one of the Fuellers partner charities.

After an introduction by PM Chloe Andrews-Jones, Johnny Ball kicked off with a very energetic take on why science doesn’t always get things right and why it’s only by challenging and asking questions that science progresses. Grazia Todeschini as a guest lecturer from Kings College covered the problems with the UK’s Energy Supplies, followed by Fueller Mark Crowther who gave a very persuasive case for using hydrogen for heating, for transport and for industry. Fueller Peter Evans discussed the importance of environmental science and the safety regulations applied to the oil and gas industry, particularly to mitigate methane as a lesser-known green house gas and finally an Arkwright Scholar Alumna Jayne Higham, who now works in sustainability in the Manufacturing Technology Centre, discussed the issues facing the UK in pursuing an all-electric route to net zero. All the panellists joined for a very interesting half hour of Q&A introduced by PM Averil Macdonald.

Over 800 students from numerous schools attended and we are hopeful that many will have been inspired to qualify in ways to lead them to careers in energy.

The event can be viewed at https://youtu.be/XPE8Ct5CXEA