Affiliates Day at HMS Sultan 5th March 2024

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HMS Sultan, one of our Affiliate Military Units, held their annual Affiliates Day on Tuesday 5 March 2024. Fuellers were invited. 

This year’s theme was the holistic elements of Training that supported the core Engineering training undertaken at HMS SULTAN. The team shared the additional activities that HMS Sultan offers to trainees and staff to provide further elements.  Most importantly this included the opportunity to go on their Steam Truck, which the Fuellers Charitable Trust Fund helps to fuel.

HMS Sultan is the home to the Defence School of Marine Engineering (DSMarE) and the Royal Naval Air Engineering and Survival School (RNAESS).  It is responsible for training the Fleet's engineering Officers and Ratings.  The tour Affiliates were given a mix of tours and presentations, including am excellent lunch.

Spot the Fuellers on the steam lorry at the HMS Sultan visit, last Tuesday 5th March. Clue - there are actually four in this photograph.