Deputy Master Prof. Averil Macdonald attends Worshipful Company of Horners virtual banquet

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Virtual Banquet October 2020

Old habits die hard, they say! For the Worshipful Company of Horners this is certainly true. Having accepted the invitation to their Virtual Banquet I was delighted to receive a hard copy ‘pour memoire’ card with an order of ceremony, a statement that the menu will be ‘salad of choice’ and ‘dessert of choice’ accompanied by ‘wine of choice’….. and an exhortation to adopt black tie dress. And indeed everyone did!

Over 110 people attended, of which 49 Masters, and the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress. After a speech by the Lord Mayor, a clever sleight of hand allowed a huge cheque to wing its way across the ether from the Horner’s Master to the hands of the Lord Mayor as a donation to the Lord Mayor’s charity. Further speeches were finished off by toasts – though curiously few people chose to stand…..perhaps the black tie dress hadn’t made it below desk level.

I was sent to a breakout room with 8 other Masters where we compared notes on how we were each adapting to the virtual world. I was very proud to be able to describe how well Fuellers had adopted REMO as their platform of choice!

Unfortunately my laptop charger decided to go on strike so I missed the very end of the event – making a change from having to leave due to the timing of the last train…..

I’m always amazed at how inventive people have become in adapting to the Covid world. Though I can’t wait for it all to be over and to be able to put my ‘best dress’ on properly.