Election Court Lunch

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It was an almost perfect April’s spring day as I made my way to the City to get to Mansion House. The anguish of boarding a district line train was soon forgotten as I got to my venue. I have been to Mansion House twice before but it still feels like such a treat. The collection of art, the architecture and the grand interior is always alluring.

As a consort to the Senior Warden, I enjoyed the privilege of attending the Election Court ceremony and the lunch that follows. Our Livery Company is the kind of example I give to friends and family, of City institutions adapting to modern times, to show how smooth its engines work in today’s times, blending with it the traditions that have been passed down for generations.

The Court meeting today is an important process in the Company’s calendar, as it elects the succession of power for the coming year. The results saw elected, Shravan Joshi as the new Master, Averil Macdonald as the Senior Warden, and Carrie Marsh as the Junior Warden. Following the election, guests were admitted to witness the ceremony where Yeoman Rory Leighton Irwin, Freeman Robert Thompson and four Liverymen, Colin Walter David, Mark Andrew McKenzie Candlish, John David Kirby and Guy Timothy Sawyer were all admitted and robed, respectively.

After the short ceremony, we moved on to a champagne reception in the grand foyer. The Lord Mayor was announced into his own home with much aplomb, by the Beadle. As the champagne flowed the guests, who all looked splendid in their finest attire, made their way into one of the most impressive of venues, for the luncheon.

The Egyptian hall is as impressive as it can get. It does not matter how often you get a chance to visit, it still inspires childlike wonder. The delicious lunch was completed with a delightful speech by the Senior Warden welcoming the guests; the Lord Mayor replied with a hugely entertaining speech, as Guest of Honour; the Master gave a brilliant speech, focusing on the Company’s strategy and plans for the future.

Although we only get to visit Mansion House every other year, it is an event that I and most Fuellers value immensely. The hard work of the Clerk and Officers, to ensure we all have a splendid lunch deserves our deepest gratitude.

Mira Joshi