Fuellers Advantage “Small Modular Nuclear Reactors: Hope or Hype?” SLIDES AVAILABLE

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The Fueller’s Advantage was held on Tuesday 28 May 2024 at the National Liberal Club when Dr Mike Bluck, Director of Imperial College's Centre for Nuclear Engineering spoke on "Small Modular Nuclear Reactors: Hope or Hype?

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It was a fascinating presentation in which Mike Bluck gave an interesting overview of the worldwide position of nuclear power and how Small Modular Reactors, (SMR) are central to its plans for the future. SMRs are thought by many to be the answer to the challenges in the deployment of nuclear power. If successful they could play a key role in decarbonisation, providing reliable low-carbon electricity and heat, in support of intermittent renewables. There are more than 50 designs and the UK has shortlisted six SMR designs, and a competition is underway
Mike Bluck is Director of the Centre for Nuclear Engineering at Imperial College. He has specific expertise in nuclear reactor design through the application of advanced computational methods to both nuclear fission and fusion engineering.

SLIDES OF PRESENTATION. available to Members of the Worshipful Company of Fuellers.