Fuellers Conversations in 2017

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The Company is focused on ensuring that all current and prospective Fuellers are presented with a programme of events and opportunities that can grow their knowledge and understanding of the latest trends in the energy sector. One key aspect of this work is the programme of Fuellers’ Conversations.

Conversation dates in 2017 have so far been set for the 22nd February (during IP week) and the 9th May.

Supported by EY, three Conversations are held each year where subject experts come as Guest Speakers and make a presentation against a specific title following which those gathered have a ’Conversation’ about what has been said. More time is spent on the discussion than the presentation so that it can be as interactive as possible. Through the support from EY the Conversation commences on arrival as the audience gathers and continues well after the formalities are wrapped up. It is not unusual that groups retire to local facilities for further debate so that they can continue their ‘Conversation.’ This is the very essence of what the Company is trying to encourage Fuellers to do – engage with one another to share knowledge and experience.

A Conversation is an informal event and as such presents an effective alternative to other dates in the overall programme and is timed for just after office hours to ‘capture’ people on their way home rather than requiring a specific journey in or a late night. The event is free to attend but a donation of £15 to the Company's Charitable trust fund will be welcome on the night. In the first 4 years of holding Conversations this has raised over £4000 for the FCT.

Knowledge sharing and charitable giving – just what Livery Companies have been doing since the 14th century.