Fuellers Election Court and the Woodmongers Banquet, Mansion House. 22nd April 2024

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The Worshipful Company of Fuellers held its Ceremonial Court to admit new members to the Freedon and enrobe new members of the Livery.  The evening saw five new freemen joining and two new liverymen being enrobed.

The ceremony was followed by the Woodmongers Banquet, an event held jointly with the Worshipful Company of Carmen and celebrates our shared history with our origins in the Worshipful Company of Woodmongers in the sixteenth century.

The banquet was served in the fabulous Egyptian Room at Mansion House, formerly a roofless courtyard, and since been covered, based on designs by the classical Roman architect Vitruvius of Roman buildings in Egypt.

Image above show the 5 new liverymen and the image below is of the Ceremonial Court underway