Fuellers Fuel Payments for Fuel Poverty

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The Charitable Trust fund launches a November 2021 campaign for donations for a new designated fund for work in the Fuel Poverty Sector .

The Fuellers’ Charitable Trust is currently working with Community Energy London (Click Here) to support their efforts in the relief of Fuel Poverty. The demands on this sector are set to increase dramatically this winter following the large increases in energy prices. The Trustees have decided to launch a campaign to increase the funds available to them to support the work they carry out in the Fuel Poverty Sector.

Fuellers will be aware that if they were born before 26 September 1955, and are resident in the UK, they automatically receive a Winter Fuel Payment of at least £200. The sum, usually paid in November or December, is normally split equally between eligible couples in a household. This payment is a tax-free sum, no application is required, and the recipient may or may not need it.

If you’re in receipt of the Winter Fuel Payment, and it doesn’t constitute income you need to maintain your normal standard of living, the Trustees ask you to consider donating some or all of the amount to the Charitable Trust Fund.  Donations would qualify for Gift Aid and the total amount the Trust could raise could be well into four figures. Your donations could help those in need this winter.

Donations from Fuellers who do not receive a Winter Fuel Payment would be equally welcome.

Using the attached Charitable Trust FPFP Form, please support this appeal and enable the Trustees to target the benefit of this Government payment to those who need it most.