Fuellers Lecture Series Platanos College

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On Wednesday 7th February, I took part in a lecture about careers in law, hosted by Ms Mary Simmons. Firstly, we were given an insight into the qualifications needed to become a lawyer and the diversity of people who are lawyers. Nelson Mandela and Barack Obama were both examples given of famous lawyers, therefore emphasising the diversity of law and the transferable skills a career in law can provide.
After an overview of Mary Simmons’ journey to becoming a corporate lawyer for the gas company Interconnector, our host gave us our very own case study to analyse. Our task was to manage a crisis of a coach crash and decide what our action plan, as lawyers, would be. Overall, I found the lecture thoroughly fascinating and will definitely utilise the transferable skills.
Finally, I felt honoured to have been invited to this lecture.
Written by 9A pupil, Robert Karapetian