Fuellers’ Lecture Series, Platanos College

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On Monday 22nd January, an exciting new specialist academic lecture series began here at Platanos College with a lecture examining ‘What is it like to have a career in the energy
industry?’ This was the start of a sequence of lectures which will take place every week until the end of the Spring term. Each lecture will explore a new topic and a different group of Most Able students will attend each week.

Most Able Year 9 pupil, Mia Adeboye said, “Personally, I found this to be a good introduction to lessons in a lecture format; we took notes and tried to sustain focus – no easy feat considering how we are used to interactive lessons. The subject matter, however, resonated with all of us as it pertained to our common interest: science.

Nonetheless, this was no physics lecture. It was about the energy industry. Our lecturer, Mr David Lewis, an experienced conomist who participated in the creation of wind farms, imparted his knowledge and experiences while telling us important lessons he learned throughout his own life, encouraging us to continue our schooling.

Overall, I found it to be an interesting experience and a great opportunity. I hope I have the chance to participate in another.”

At Platanos College, we use opportunities like this to challenge our Most Able pupils as we believe that all of our pupils can achieve beyond expectation. Additional topics that will be addressed in this lecture series will include accountancy, law, entrepreneurship and engineering.