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No need for facemasks or to hand over your revolver at reception. Join your friends in the Fuellers virtual piano bar 1800 - 2100 on Monday 5 October following Installation Court for a chat and to laugh and don't forget to bring your own drinks. The Bar is built on the REMO system, is easy to operate and has been used by Court and the Fuellers Advantage gang. The bar was designed by Liveryman Iain Beveridge and can expand to accommodate you and all your guests.  You talk to the six at your own table and can then move around to other tables to meet other friends with the click of the mouse. This is not like a meeting with everyone on your monitor, you only talk with the people on your table until the speeches at which point we all hear the speakers.

Background music will be 60s and contemporary jazz piano, with an easy to operate volume control.

At 1800 doors will open. When you arrive you will be shown to a table and from there you can move to find your other friends. There will be a quick demonstration of the system and then off we go. The Clerk is happy to put together a table plan if you email him with who you would like to sit with. At 1900 we hope to have some words from the The Master, followed by a short speech and toasts by the Deputy Master and the Father of the Company. Then it will be back to chatting with your friends. The more the merrier, please bring guests. We will use the event to launch the Fuellers Charitable Trust Fund Six Projects appeal which was going top be a highlight of the Royal Year. Now it can be a highlight of the Master's second year. The dress for the evening is 'smart casual'.


How it works:

  • Double click on any available seat to join that table.
  • Each table is a private video chat.
  • You’re in control, and you can move between tables by just double clicking a different table.
  • You can sit where you want to, talk with whoever you want to, relax and catch up with friends.
  • It’s ‘bring your own’… but drinks and nibbles are mandatory!
  • If you need any help there will be instructions you can read, and also a staffed help table where our hosts will be happy to assist.
  •  To check your computer can access The Fueller Bar please visit this webpage and follow the instructions.
  • The club is built in a platform called REMO, and it particularly likes the Google Chrome browser, which you can download for free here.

We look forward to seeing you at the bar!

There is no charge for this event, but a small contribution to the Fuellers Charitable Trust Fund would be welcomed. The Trustees and Advisors are supporting our selected charities through the pandemic and the funding crisis. These are predominantly in the education sector supporting young people at a crucial period in their lives.  Follow this link  to donate.