Platanos Lecture Visit 18th November 2019: Fuellers Academic Lecture Series

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Visiting Speaker: Jon Clark, Worshipful Company of Fuellers – 18th November 2019 What is Accountancy?

On Monday 18th November, Year 10 pupils were able to attend a talk given by Jon Clark who is a partner for Ernst and Young. Here we listened and learned about accountancy, the possible career paths that can come from it, and how the career has changed over the years due to recent technological advances.

We heard how accounting is directly linked to finance and budgeting as accountants are hired to manage transactions, financial necessities and advise on whether or not certain financial decisions would be beneficial. Additionally, we now know about the extensive links between technology and accountancy. An example of this can be seen on London transport when you board the bus or tube. The Oyster card and the scanning technology is a great everyday example of the impact technology has had on accounting as this technology automatically collects the appropriate amount of money from the card.

The session was extremely helpful as it gave a first-hand insight into the role of accountants in modern society and information on the best way to follow a pathway in accountancy. It was a very stimulating lecture.

By Daniel Matias, 10A1