The Worshipful Company of Fuellers, Ezra Lecture 13th March 2024.

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Professor Michael Mainelli, Lord Mayor of London

The Worshipful Company of Fuellers, a City of London Livery Company Company for the Energy Industry and Sustainability sector, in partnership with The Energy Futures Lab at Imperial College London hosted the Fuellers’ Annual Energy Lecture at Imperial’s prestigious City and Guilds Hall in S Kensington, London. The lecture was presented by the Lord Mayor of London, Prof. Michael Mainelli, who addressed the Future of Hydrogen – The Ends Of The Rainbow?

The annual lecture was established in 2005 by Lord Ezra, and has had a lineup of esteemed speakers, including Lord Ezra himself, see In this talk, Professor Michael Mainelli takes as his basic theme that the profusion of hydrogen colours (blue, green, etc) is due more to the optics of economics than science and engineering. Increasingly these economic sub-systems lead the hydrogen markets to interact with the carbon markets.

The lecture concluded with some observations on how hydrogen economics is analysed, in particular using option theory and learning curves.

The presentation was followed by a panel discussion, chaired by Dr Carole Nakhle, CEO of Crystol Energy and the evening was wound up by Master Fueller Dr. James Cripps and Professor Peter Child of the Imperial Energy Futures Club.

Group image above of the contributors to the lecture, from left to right:  
Sir Adrian Montague, Chairman, Cadent Gas, 
Dr Angela Needle, Director Strategy, Cadent Gas, 
Elena Oderstone, Senior Warden Fuellers, 
Ashutosh Shastri Junior Warden, Fuellers, 
Peter Childs, Co-director Energy Futures Laboratory, Imperial College,  
Michael Mainelli, Lord Mayor of London,  
Dr James Cripps, Master Fueller, 
Jon Clark, Partner EY, 
Dr Carole Nakhle Nakhle, CEO Crystol Energy, 
Richard Walsh Cadent Gas