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Fuellers donations have made a big difference to schools students during lockdown. Even though our partner charities haven’t been able to get into schools, they have wasted no time in developing on-line activities as they tell us below:

Natasha from Teentech says:
“In this academic year we’ve delivered online City of Tomorrow and Innovation sessions to over 10,000 students both at school and at home. We have finalised the timetable of sessions of both initiatives in the summer term and it would be great to get some of your members involved in them. I’ll send through the dates.”

While Kevin from Smallpeice Trust tells us:

“Following on from the £5,000 Fuellers Charitable Trust Donation we have a Bright Sparks: Future of Green Energy Online Conference for Arkwright Engineering Scholars on 13 April 2021. The IET is hosting this for us online and has secured the following companies:

  1. Energy Sprong
  2. Renewable Energy Group
  3. Ricardo

I have filmed my pre-record and acknowledged the Fuellers’ donation”

And Tony at Generating Genius says

“In 2019-2020 academic year we worked with 11 different companies to deliver work experience. Thirty two students (64% of our Uni-Genius project) participated in work experience while 26 undertook more than on work experience! We moved most of our activity on line and delivered 6 STEM masterclasses, 3 university preparation sessions, 3 A – level booster revision sessions and 4 Industry Project challenge days. Thank you to the Fuellers for supporting our students in their work experience”.