Year 6 Graduation at Winterbourne Boys’ Academy

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Master Fueller Chloe Andrews-Jones was guest speaker at Winterbourne Boys Academy, near Croydon, accompanied by Stuart Goldsmith, Fuellers Charitable Trust Chairman. The school is now a member of Platanos Trust alongside Platanos College, which we have supported for some years. Her passionate speech covered the Livery, the Fuellers and the modern energy industry and the boys own journey through education - treating it as the start of their adventure through life.

Chloƫ talked about her own time at school to emphasise the value of good education and following what interests you, and summed up the values that have helped her succeed - Courage, Honesty, Respect, Teamwork and Communications Skills, not to mention Hard Work!

Winterbourne Academy has adopted the Platanos motto: 'Attitude means Altitude'. Supporting junior education is new for the Fuellers. As the Master put it:"I think you can inspire from a younger age, you don't need to wait until secondary school".